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Event Hire of Fabrique des Lumières

Using cutting-edge technology with light projections and music, Fabrique des Lumières features immersive exhibitions of classical, modern, and contemporary artists. Our visitors can enjoy a high-quality visual and audio art experience that is perfectly adapted to the 19th century historic building we are located in. The immersive exhibitions are projected onto all surfaces of the walls and floors of Fabrique des Lumières making it a full sensory encounter. 

With our innovative and highly advanced technical equipment, Fabrique des Lumières provides the perfect opportunity for tailor made events with your presentation, logo or product(s) in an impressive setting and adapted to your taste and desired atmosphere. 


Event Department
T : +31 (0)6 1007 7527

Private event offering

Fabrique des Lumières can be reserved for your event outside its public opening hours. 

Private visits

  • Private Museum visit: Offer your guests a private visit of the current exhibitions in the evenings between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
  • A optional service of one drink and snack for up to 100 guests can be served.

Cocktails parties & dinners

  • All our areas can be reserved for cocktail parties, receptions and dinners. The service includes the rentable spaces and the projection of any of our current immersive exhibitions (total duration: approx. 50 minutes). 
  • The caterer and other service providers are additional, service providers will need to be selected from the list of approved partners. 

Professional events

  • Corporate events: the layout of the areas and the on-site technical equipment (integrated video projectors and sound system) make Fabrique des Lumières the ideal location to create an evening event that combines an immersion in art history with the presentation of your customised projections. 
  • Corporate presentations: the Hall with its Mezzanine is an ideal space for your speech or presentation that can be arranged into an impactful setting of your choosing. 
  • Product launches or shows: the venue’s nineteenth-century industrial decor is a unique setting for your event. You can use Fabrique’s areas to project your images, logos, and videos as well as display your product(s) or collection(s) in an impressive surrounding. 

Other options for events can be discussed with our Events Team, please get in touch via the contact details provided. 

A wide range of choices to personalise your event

Our state of the art projection equipment at Fabrique des Lumières makes it possible to project your visuals according to the requirements of your event. 

You can choose between: 

  • The original decor, with elegant lighting options that enhance the venue’s architecture. 
  • The screening of the current immersive exhibitions: offer your guests an exceptional journey into the heart of art. Masterpieces by the most celebrated artists are brought to life before your eyes, accompanied by music. 
  • A catalogue of still or animated ambiances is available for you to choose from to create the desired atmosphere for your event. 
  • Your personalised world: project a customised video or presentation onto the walls of Fabrique des Lumières Hall or Studio. 
  • Our approved service providers are at your disposal to help you design an entirely personalised show: the creation of a synopsis, scenography or animation of your media (photos, logos, videos, sound, etc.), its soundtrack and the full integration of your project into our multimedia equipment. 

Please contact us for more information on the above options as well as the price list.

Event partners

We work with pre-selected catering, event styling, hosting and AV partners from which you can choose for your event at Fabrique des Lumières. 

Please contact us to receive the list of approved service providers. 

Event spaces

All the areas of Fabrique des Lumières can be reserved for your events and the guests can wander freely to view the digital exhibitions and discover the current programme. 


1230 m2

1000 pax

500 pax

300 pax


110 m2

Event Department
T : +31 (0)6 1007 7527